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** We will text, email & update our FB status if a meet is canceled prior to the report in time.  If you have not received one of these methods of communication, please come to the pool.**

FAQ's regarding inclement weather:

1.  It is time to go to the pool for warm-ups and it is raining and/or thundering.  What do I do?

Please come to the pool anyway.  We will confer with the other team regarding holding the meet or postponing the meet.  The final decision is made by the TSA rep's, to either hold the meet or postpone.

2.  What if the meet is canceled before it begins?

If the meet is canceled, it will be re-scheduled for the next night, which is always WEDNESDAY.  Attention new parents, this does happen on occasion.  We will do everything possible to hold the meet, but the weather doesn't always cooperate.  We need all swimmers on deck to determine who can and cannot make the meet the next evening, if the meet needs to be postponed.

3.  If there is thunder and lightning during the meet, what happens?

Per the rules, we must suspend the meet for 20-30 minutes (depending on lifeguard) each time it thunders etc.  If after this period of time, it continues to thunder, the TSA Reps from both teams will determine if a postponement is necessary.

4.  Can the meet be called off once the meet has started?

If we have completed all races through breaststroke, then we can call the meet and have an official result.  If the meet is called prior to the end of breaststroke, a decision regarding the completion of the meet will be made by the TSA reps of both teams.

5.  It is only raining with no thunder. Will we still have the swim meet?

 Yes!  We definitely hold the swim meet during rain.  Bring an umbrella.  :)

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