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Swim Meet Volunteer Position Descriptions

50/50 Raffle Tickets (1)

  • sell tickets and collect money throughout the evening for the 50/50 raffle;
  • keep the announcer informed about how much money is in the raffle;
  • pull the winning ticket, and give 50 % to the winner and 50% to the concession stand to turn into the Treasurer.

Announcer (1)

  • communicate to swimmers, officials and observers over the public access system;
  • welcomes the visiting team to our pool;
  • introduce the officials for the evening;
  • call each event so the meet flows smoothly;
  • announce team scores throughout the evening;
  • announce the 50/50 Raffle money collected and encourage ticket sales.

PS - There is a script for this!

Clerk of Course (2)

  • Line up swimmers, in the order they must swim, in front of the blocks.
  • The announcer calls for each gender/age group for each event to report to the Clerk of Course.
  • You are assisted by the Kid Pushers with organizing the swimmers according to the coaches event sheets, that show the Heat and Lane assignments for each swimmer.
  • This position is mobile, primarily at the starting point.

Concessions Cashier (3)

  • work the concession stand, where the team sells food and drinks for everyone during the meet.
  • assist the the grillmasters in plating and serving food as needed;

Grillmaster (3)

  • work with other two grillmasters to determine who will be in-charge each meet;
  • in-charge person for the meet must begin grilling at 4:30 and work in 30 minute shifts, rotating between grilling, plating and taking a break;
  • in-charge person is responsible for setting up the grill, making sure you have gas for the grill and cleaning the grill after each meet.

Heat Judge (2)

  • stand at the end of the pool, opposite the starting blocks, and pass out ribbons to Heat winners and other swimmers;
  • encourage and congratulate them as they come out of the water;
  • ribbons are only distributed to the children swimming one length of the pool. In other words, 11 & Up does not receive heat ribbons.

Home Meet Set-Up (3)

  • Set-Up Concession tents, tables, coolers, food, beverages, etc
  • Assist coaches with getting the pool set-up and ready for the meet.
  • Anything else that needs to be done to be ready for the meet to start.

Home Meet Clean-Up (4)

  • Break down concessions & return items to storage
  • Assist lifeguard with replacing chairs around the pool deck.
  • Assist coaches with taking down flags, starting blocks, etc
  • Take trash & recycling out to bins in parking lot
  • Take trash to the curb for pick-up, and recycling if applicable
  • Anything else that is needed to return the pool to normal conditions.

Kid Pusher (3)

  • Assist the Clerk of Course in gathering and lining up the swimmers in order of their events according to the coaches event sheets.
  • Once the swimmers are gathered and lined up in event order, you bring them to the Clerk of Course to line up behind the blocks. 

Place Judges (3)

  • carefully watch the finish order of the Main Event only;
  • the 1st Place Judge, is responsible for timing the event and giving the clocked time, of the 1st place finisher, to the Recorder. You then clear your stop watch, and wait for the next main event;
  • this position moves about the pool deck;
  • the home team provides the 1st Place Judge;
  • each team provides 3 judges, for each meet.

Recorder (1)

  • collect event sheets from the coaches and record the order of the finish and the first place swim time, according to the Place Judges;
  • this position records info from the Main Events only;
  • you will move about the pool deck.

Ribbon Writer (1)

  • Write the swimmer’s name and event on the back of each place ribbon.
  • Results are received on the main event sheets after the scorer has recorded the necessary information.
  • Ribbons and roster are supplied for each team.

NOTE: Do not pass these ribbons out to swimmers. If you have time, you can file the ribbons in the swimmers box.  If not, give to the Swimmer’s Box Coordinator for filing.

Runner (1)

  • take the event sheets from the Clerk of Course to the Recorder, and from the Recorder to the Scorer;
  • this is a mobile position.

Scorer (1)

  • You keep a running total of points earned by each team while working with the other team’s scorer.
  • The scorer receives results for each Main Event and records the info on a preprinted scoring sheet.

Starter (1)

  • must complete the required TSA Starters Clinic. Click here to see the schedule of clinics.
  • stand at the starting end of the pool and command the swimmers to take their mark and signals the start of each Main Event and Heat. 

Stroke and Turn Judge (1)

  • must complete the required TSA Stroke & Turn Clinic. Click here to see the schedule of clinics.
  • observe the Main Event swimmers, looking for disqualifying motions. You must understand what to look for and disqualify swimmers with improper technique resulting in stroke violation(s);
  • the Stroke and Turn Judge stands on the side of the pool and watches all lanes.

Timers (3)

  • each Timer is assigned a lane and only times the swimmers in that lane.

NOTE:  These are not official times and do not determine any place finishes. This data is for our own records and helps the swimmers track their progress throughout the season. It may also be used by the Coach to determine where a swimmer is strongest and assist them in determining how to use that to the team’s advantage.

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