Typhoon Updates

Hey everyone!

Wanted to update everyone on a couple of things.  

First, for those of you who ordered swimsuits, we just got the notice that they have arrived!  We will pick them up tomorrow and start distributing at Saturday morning practice!

Also, the order for shirts/sweatpants has been placed as well.  We should have all of those items in within a week.  I'll work out a distribution method.  If you ordered a swim cap, I'll make sure you get that at the same time as the rest of your stuff.

I've had some waiver forms come trickling in for swimmers.  I'm going to do a crawl through what I have and come up with a list of who I still need to get forms from and will be reaching out over the next week or so.

Our first meet is coming up on June 11th.  It's a home meet which is always easier for the first meet.  I'll plan on having a little info session especially for new families to walk you through what to expect at a meet.

That's it for now.  Hope everyone is enjoying the swim team season thus far!


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