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Hey Typhoon Parents!

It's hard to believe we are a week away from our first meet!  I have a couple of items for your attention.

First, I'd like to meet with each parent group while practice is going on Thursday.  I just want to have a quick conversation about the basics of how a swim meet work, what to expect, etc.  This will hopefully be especially useful for our new families.  I'll use my outside voice to gather everyone together at the beginning of each age group practice.

Second, every year we divide the team up into thirds and ask a different last name letter range to bring snacks/candy/baked goods/something sweet to help fill out our concessions at our three home meets.  That email will be coming out this weekend, so keep an eye out for it.

Third, if you are signed up to volunteer at the meet this Tuesday, our volunteer coordinator Lauren Kaiser knows it and will be getting in touch to remind you.  It takes a village to put on these meets, and everybody's help is very much appreciated.  

Fourth, if you haven't already, please RSVP your swimmer for the meet, please do so.  If you go to the website (https://dt-typhoons.swimtopia.com/), scroll down to the meet, and click on Meet Entry.  Follow the instructions to edit your swimmers status.  This is important for the coaches so that they can put together relays and main events for the meet ahead of time.

Fifth, it's time for our yearly reminder that if your child is under 12, they are not allowed to be at the pool without their parent or guardian.  Please do not drop off your young one with the expectation that they will walk home or even out to the parking lot.  If you can't stay for the practice, please work out with one of the other parents to be responsible for your swimmer.  Safety is huge... it's why we have all of those waivers, it's why our coach and TSA rep take a class to be safeSport certified, and it's why we want everyone to have a good time while being in a safe space!

I think five things is enough for tonight.  I have it on good authority that Coach Karl gets back in town from his European Adventure on Friday, so we should hopefully see him at the pool soon!

Have a good night,

Brian Kindl

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