Tuesday home swim meet against Hasentree

Hey everyone,

Lots of good info here.  If you were able to come to the Thursday meet, you heard some of this.

We have our first home meet this Tuesday.  If you haven't RSVP'd your swimmer for the meet, please go to the Typhoons website, scroll down to the meet, click the "Meet Entry" button and sign up your kids for the meet.  This really helps the coaches with meet organization.  

We ask that you please arrive between 4:30-5.  Our kids will be in the pool to warmup between 5-5:30 when the other team gets the pool for 30 minutes.  When you arrive at the pool, we will have a table set up for to sign in your swimmers and get their numbers on their arms, and anyone who is signed up to volunteer will also be able to check in as well.  Remember, if you are willing to volunteer but aren't signed up to a position, you can enter your name on the alternate list.  Anyone who fills their assigned role, or signs up on the alternate list will get a ticket in our volunteer raffle.  If you are picked to fill a role off of the alternate list, you will get an additional 2 tickets in the raffle.  We will have a $25 cash prize raffled off during the meet.  We will also have a $100 prize at the end-of-year banquet for all of our entries.  

The way a meet runs, the coaches will assign swimmers to relays and individual "main events"..  All of this will be listed on sheets hanging in the back corner of our side of the pool (our side is the tennis court side of the pool).  I'd like to make an important point, because it seems every season we have an understanding about what those main event assignments are all about.  There are a limited number of spots, and both teams are supposed to put their fastest swimmers in them.  If your swimmer's name isn't on any events, it does not mean that they aren't a valued member of the team, or that they won't be able to swim in the meet... they are encouraged to swim in all of the events, they just won't be in the main events, but can swim in the heats. Please make sure your swimmers know that they are absolutely valued by this team and we want everyone to be able to swim and enjoy the competition.

To help out our concessions, we ask that our families with the last name A-M to please bring some sweets (candy, baked goods, etc.).You can bring them over to the concession stand... we very much appreciate it!

Last year we started doing live performances of the National Anthem before our meets.  If anyone would like to volunteer to sing the Star Spangled Banner for our meet this Tuesday, please let me know... otherwise I'll be forced to make my daughter do it!

Last but not least... it does look like the weather will work out nicely for our meet.  I'm not sure the same can be said for our Monday night practice.  However, rain or shine, we invite you out tomorrow night... if the team does practice we will ask them to help out making/decorating signs for us to help cheer on all the swimmers at the meet.  If they don't practice, we will spend the time making the signs.  Thanks to Allison Williams for the great idea!

Thanks for sticking with me through this email!

Brian Kindl

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