Tomorrow's meet AT Hendingham

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the late email.  Looking forward to our final away meet at Hedingham tomorrow.  Plan on arriving by 5pm for 5:30 warmups!  Check in your swimmer and any volunteers... y'all know the drill by now!  Caroline Pruden will likely be the TSA rep for this meet, but I may be there.  

Here's the info we got from the TSA rep from Hedingham:

Weather – At present, the weather forecast for Tuesday should be a bit cooler and clear - however pop up thunderstorms could happen as we all know. As always, we clear the pool in case of thunder and delay for 30 minutes (each instance of thunder) and we can make the decision on how to proceed based on the forecast at that time. We will try our best to complete the meet on Tuesday if at all possible.

Parking-Hedingham has limited parking in the pool parking lot. We do our best to reserve these spots for the visiting team, but it will likely not be enough. Street parking is allowed, but please be mindful of driveways, parking in homeowners yards or parking too close to intersections.

Your Team Area – You all will have the left side of the pool as you enter. There are several tables and some umbrella tables and deck chairs on that side of the pool but you may need to bring more.

Your Clerk of course area will be on the left of the pool by our deep end.


We'll have pizza and hot dogs and awesome BBQ available for purchase as well as chips, sodas, waters, and SNOW CONES. CASH only please.

Volunteer Meeting - We'll hold our volunteer on the right side of the pool over by the large tents at 5:45. Kelly Fleming will be our TSA representative for the meet.

Swimmers: We currently have 77 swimmers how have stated they are swimming this week. That is subject to change slightly, but we should be somewhere in that ball park.

See you on the deck!


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