Durant Trails Typhoons - April Update

Hey Typhoon Families!

Happy Friday! We are now officially at the end of Week 4 during the COVID19 pandemic. I’m sure many of you are now mastering many new skills in life. Multitasking, working from home, being a parent, being a stay-at-home school teacher, learning new hobbies and becoming a master landscaper of your own yard. The balancing act has definitely been a challenge, but there is so much more that has come out of this. I have seen many of you out on family walks, exercising, and enjoying this beautiful April weather we are having. We definitely can’t complain about the weather. I hope you all have taken advantage of this unusual, but extremely rewarding free time to explore new things, spend more time with the family and maybe binge watch some new TV shows like Tiger King!

I’m sure many of you are wondering about the status of the 2020 Typhoon swim season. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for you right now. The TSA will be meeting on May 12 to discuss the current season. You can see their most recent post from April 8 by clicking HERE. The meeting on May 12 will determine whether or not to cancel, postpone, modify or continue as normal for the 2020 swim season. As soon as we know the outcome of that meeting, we will update you with the latest info.

If you signed up for any of the Spring swim clinics offered by MOR, Wave, Lifetime, etc., you probably need to reach out to them and see what their plan is, whether its full reimbursement, partial reimbursement, postponement, etc. I believe some of the clinics were planned to begin as early as May 27. We were signed up for MOR in May and received an email today stating they are postponing the clinic until further notice.

There are a few positive things to bring up. Since the Olympics have been postponed to 2020NE, cable has been showing past Olympic competitions on the Olympic Channel (think it's called Olympic Games Week). We've been watching lots of amazing swimming races, including the final gold medal race/relay for Michael Phelps.  There's even more swimming tonight!. In addition, we saw the NEW POOL MANAGEMENT COMPANY at the pool the other day sprucing everything up. The chairs, tables, starting blocks and pool have been cleaned and prepped for a possible summer by the pool. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the pool will open up at some point this summer...even if we have to sit 6 feet apart.

Hang in there everyone! Our journey back to normalcy is going to be a long and slow one, but all we can do is trust that we can get through this healthy and safe.

Have a great weekend!


Ragan Williams

Self Appointed Typhoon Swim Team Spirit Leader

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