Typhoons 2020 season update and survey

Greetings Typhoon parents and prospective parents! 

If you are receiving this email, you participated in the 2019 summer season.  If you have since moved out of the neighborhood, please feel free to disregard this email.

I am writing in my capacity as president of the Durant Trails Typhoons summer swim team board of directors. During this crazy time, we have been in communication as a board, with the HOA, and with the Tarheel Swim Association (TSA), the governing body for summer swim in Wake County. We wanted to give you and update on some of the discussions we have had. 

First, the TSA has made the decision that they will not oversee an official season for 2020. This is not to say that neighborhoods/swim clubs will not be allowed to form a team, just that the TSA will not keep standings or perform any of the administrative duties that they normally do to conduct a season. Individual teams will be on their own in terms of making any plans going forward. 

Second, the Typhoons operate at the neighborhood pool through the graciousness of our home owners association. Any actions we take this summer will be through the direction of the HOA and Charleston Management, and we will abide by their guidance and restrictions. Since we find ourselves in a very dynamic time, there are still a great number of unknowns at this point. 

Third, as a swim team board, we have discussed what a potential season would look like if we are able to use the pool in some capacity. We have already made the decision that we would not entertain the thought of trying to host other neighborhood teams or travel to other pools. We recognize that any practice or intrasquad meets would require creative solutions to maintain a clean, safe atmosphere and also allow us to maintain safe social distancing. 

Our primary focus with the Typhoons has been and always will be the building of community here in Durant Trails. It is our desire that, given the unprecedented times we are living in, that we still are able to do something, no matter how different it may be from the norm, to continue that mission. It would be useful to us for planning purposes to determine what level of interest there may be in having a neighborhood swim team this summer. If you could please fill out the below 3-question survey by end of day on Tuesday 5/19, we would very much appreciate it. 

Durant Trails Typhoons Survey

Brian Kindl
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